A New Beginning for New Opportunities

Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. will provide support for up to 60 discharged, senior and homeless Veterans. Our goal is to get our Veterans off the streets and provide support for each one of them.

Our goal is to get veterans off the street and provide a comprehensive array of support systems to assist veterans in achieving stability which allows them to move forward with their lives. By providing housing and support, Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. engages veterans to create an atmosphere of trust where opportunities and change can occur with others who have very similar stories. Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. welcomes all veterans who want to recreate themselves and create positive growth for their lives and the lives of others.

There are many shelters and facilities that provide room and board for our Veterans but Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. intends to be much more. Our goal is to help every Veteran entrusted to our care to have support in finding a job, creating a job, getting an education, and to be given the opportunity of counseling and therapy. “Every Veteran” that has serviced this country, rather here at home or abroad will be welcomed at Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. with open arms. It is the goal at Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. that every Veteran leaving home will leave ready and willing to become a productive and contributing part of society.

By providing housing and support, Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. encourages Veterans to create an atmosphere of trust where opportunities and change can occur with Veterans that have very similar stories.

The time has come for us to support our Veterans just as our Veterans have supported our freedom and our way of life.

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How Glacier Hope Homes is Helping Veterans

  • Provide beds for homeless, senior, discharged and disabled veterans
  • Job coordination with local employers
  • Job creation with on-site training
  • Enhance social stimuli with group and individual activities
  • Provide psychotherapy
  • Education Assistance
  • Drug and alcohol Counseling
  • Legal Counsel
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A Note from the Executive Director


My name is Jason Stevens, and I am the Executive Director of Glacier Hope Homes, Inc.

Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has been in the making for over forty years. I worked in the hospitality industry for thirteen years. Starting as a housemen and continuing to becoming a corporate rooms director. I have owned and operated four businesses and have been a private caregiver for fourteen years. I concluded my caregiving in 2013 when I owned and operated an Adult Family Home. I have been working towards Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. ever since.

Throughout my life I have been associated with many Veterans. I believe that Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. is the summary of my many lifetime and professional experiences. I have a dream and a vision for Glacier Hope Homes, Inc., its goals, operations, and growth.

It is my vision and mission to see a place where any Veteran may come and feel safe, secure, protected and shown love. A place where Veterans have an opportunity to move successfully forward with their lives, whether a Veteran is just recently discharged, disabled, homeless, or have the honor of being a senior citizen, glacier Hope Homes, Inc. will be there for them.

I envision that at the success of our prototype Glacier Hope Homes, Inc. will become a National Model to help ensure the wellbeing of any Veteran seeking our assistance.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions I will always make myself available to you. I may be reached at Jason.stevens@glacierhopehomes.org or 406-871-6738.

Thank You,

Jason Stevens,
Executive Director
Glacier Hope Homes, Inc.

Meet Jason

Our Mission

To Provide

To Provide:

A Safe and Nurturing Personal Growth Environment.

To Enrich

To Enrich:

Every Senior, Homeless, and Discharged Veteran Entrusted to Our Care, with Compassion, Respect, and Dignity.

To Create

To Create:

Jobs, Job Training, Education, and Counseling/Therapy.